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Cal-IPGCA Association

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Since its inception in 2012, collectively with State of California Executive Leadership, Agencies, and Departments and in collaboration with the California workforce, we’ve been charting new territory as a human-centric innovation testbed. Our path...Governor Newsom’s vision; "California as Nation State" coupled with his 2019 Executive Order N-04-19. Each annual Cohort has built upon the foundation of the last Cohort to iterate forward a prototype that carries the breadth and depth of State Executive Leadership guidance. The participation of full-time trainees represents a bench of intrapreneurial AGPA, specialists, middle managers, and executive’s as the new breed of innovative leaders as lynchpins for California innovation. The integration of the state’s workforce as Proof of Concept (PoC) Beta Testers and Subject Matter Experts creates a working model that expands collaborative innovation statewide. PoC Beta Testers test the features of both the human-centric and technological systems that underpin the Cal-IPGCA operational infrastructure, but they also represent Cal-IPGCA's statewide collaborative innovation team.

Shifting the Governance Model:

Through the involvement of California’s Executive Leaders as our strategic advisors and trainers, the Cal-IPGCA State Agency Collaboration Network, (SACNet and SACNet Skills Bank testbed activities) deployed a “proof of concept” human-centric platform as an outcome of Cohort 2022 where the agile development is fueled by a People, Process and Technology design structure. Collectively, we’re transforming a silo-based hierarchical governance model within state service as a real-time whole systems approach, which is unleashing human potential and innovation in the state’s workforce. Through its standardized curriculum, it connects executive leadership and middle management to the state’s workforce at large. We’re exponentially transforming employee engagement and workforce planning as we build a statewide systemic approach to respond to real time challenges at the pace of change.

Who Can Apply:

State of California Rising Stars and Innovators: From entry-level to senior executive, Cal-IPGCA trainees participate as innovation teams without titles–and it works, exceptionally well! Every voice is valued, heard, and integrated. Leveling the playing field for the California workforce we collaboratively build a work culture that unleashes human potential, skills, knowledge, and abilities. The SACNet environments create a culture that offers "careers by design" which exponentially shifts employee engagement but equally ensures state-of-the-art innovation is a metric of performance. Offering this environment to the best and brightest is positioning California as a recognized employer of choice!"

Professional development hours meet the State of California biennial leadership training requirements. (GC19995.4)

Executive Leaders Forums:  The key trainers for the Cal-IPGCA program represent the Executive Leadership from across the State of California. Prominently Agency Secretaries, Directors, and Chiefs, Executive Trainers are augmented by leadership from academia and the private sector. Here are the Bios of Cal-IPGCA’s Executive Training Team for Cohort 2022. Our leaders are the key instructors for Cal-IPGCA’s state-of-the-art curriculum, and they are the advisors for our trainees’ Moonshot prototypes and “test-bed” activities.

Cal-IPGCA Program:  Each Cohort iterates and builds upon the work of the former Cohort. Although the core curriculum of each Cal-IPGCA Cohort is institutionalized, no two cohorts are alike. Through an integrated systems approach, Cal-IPGCA advances the curriculum to support and build upon each aspect of training. An overarching goal of each Cohort is to create an environment where applied innovation training occurs by working on statewide challenges (enterprise-wide innovation priorities). From a “Leaders training Leaders” environment the immersive nature of the Cal-IPGCA Curriculum builds and reshapes trainees’ leadership skills, knowledge, and abilities to adapt and rise to the challenges of our real-time culture. In the context of each Cohort, trainees are either developing or deploying innovation plans through the understanding of these three components:

  • What is Innovation? Innovation can be a method, idea, or device, but in its most simplistic form, innovation creates value designed to exceed expectations.
  • What is an Innovation Priority (IP)? An IP is a State of California enterprise-wide problem/challenge identified by State of California Leadership and given to the Cal-IPGCA Program to innovate as a “testbed” activity within the construct of a moonshot project.
  • What is a Moonshot? “The essence of a Moonshot is the combination of a huge problem, a re-imagined solution to that problem, and the creation of innovative ideas that can shift approach and outcomes of people, process, and technology to make that solution possible.”

CalHR Cal-IPGCA ENGAGE: The goal of the CalHR ENGAGE Curriculum is to build a Statewide Value System that links into and supports statewide skills and competencies. Each module features one of nine leadership values that correlate to and support CalHR’s Core and Leadership Skills and Competencies. Taught by Cal-IPGCA Executive Leadership, full-time trainees complete 18 modules, and Cal-IPGCA’s PoC Beta Testers complete nine modules. Following each video module trainees are tested on how they applied the module; personally, professionally, organizationally, or in their moonshot project and/or as a use case. The nine values are: Communicate Effectively, Inspire and Engage, Develop Others, Foster a Team Environment, Exhibit Personal Credibility, Build Collaborative Relationships, Improve Our Organization, Achieve Results, and Model Good Governance. Example: 2022 Curriculum Link.

In their desire to continue innovating at the conclusion of Cohort 2017, the Cal-IPGCA Association was formed by members of its graduating class. Growing from a conceptual idea to a membership of over 1500 and 60 departments, the Cal-IPGCA Mission is: To model leadership that promotes creativity, innovation, and growth to transform government. Its Vision: To create a community of California government change agents who lead tomorrow’s innovative workforce, today! Since 2017, the Cal-IPGCA Association has provided collaborative leadership support for the Cal-IPGCA Program.

The O. N. E. Integrators is comprised of two representatives from each annual Cohort Innovation Team. They are responsible for integrating a cohesive flow of “People, Process and Technology” associated with the development of each team’s Moonshot Innovation Project and/or Moonshot Deployment Plan. Their collective final report is termed “The Wrapper,” as it is an integration summary of all deployment activities in progress. It is designed to shape the focus for the Innovation Priorities (IPs) in progress and to garner recognition for the Cal-IPGCA Program and Association as a Human-Centered Innovation

Testbed for the State of California. Cohort 2023 will build upon the Proof of Concept Deployment Plans and Outcomes from Cohort 2022.  Cohort 2023 is accelerating the deployment activities of Cohort 2022 by advancing the Beta Testing as a State of California “Institutionalization Deployment Plan” for the State of California as pioneers of Government Innovation and Change Leadership in California and across the US.

“Institutionalization Deployment Plan” for the State of California as pioneers of Government Innovation and Change Leadership in CA and across the US.

Part-Time PoC Beta Testers have a limited but significantly prominent role as innovation catalysts in developing a wide range of Cohort projects and programs. They also serve as Subject Matter Experts, representing all employee classifications in state service– from entry-level to senior executive. This affords the State of CA a 360 design and deployment perspective on all innovation projects. With Cohort 2022 as lead, we are excited to welcome PoC Beta Tester Teams from across the State of California. PoC Beta Testers were selected, via departmental application, from all classification levels, in concert with Cal-IPGCA Cohort Leadership. Beta Test Teams support 1 of 4 Moonshot Deployment Plans, with placement based on the priority interest of each Beta Tester.

Next Steps:

We encourage Agencies, Departments, and Trainees to explore what’s in store – follow the exciting path to joining the Movement that's pioneering California Government Innovation and Change Leadership!