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Cal-IPGCA Association

OUR DIVERSITY IS OUR GREATEST STRENGTH… We’re the collective connectivity fueling innovation! Read More


We are many parts, but we are one body. Read More


…Everyone has value, has voice and is heard! Read More


Cal-IMPACT turns human performance into data, data into information and information into outcomes that transform people and organizations. It doesn’t get better than that! Read More


empower vision and nurture discovery. They’re process guides for getting out of starting gates, over hurdles and across finish lines with outcomes that just might… Read More

MOU Innovation

SACNetwork MOU…forging cross-collaborating integration to identify and act upon the interdependencies that exist. Read More

Skills Resource Bank

An empowered organization – and an empowered life is where our skills and strengths find a need worth serving – that’s where human potential soars! Read More


Technology is the hybrid fuel that assists human potential to innovate new frontiers of existence. Read More

Managers Consortium for Innovation and Change

Promoting a culture that appreciates and rewards the creativity-inducing role middle managers can play when they empower the employees they mentor for the shared strategic… Read More

Rise up Ambassador Corp for Homeless Youth

We mirror the world we’re given…RISE-UP - be the change that builds the future we want these kids to have! Read More

Remote Employment in California

Remote Employment…the potential for peak performance without boundaries - anyone, anywhere, anyplace, anyhow, anyway! Read More

Innovation Force

The goal of the Innovation Force is to provide cross-collaborating integration to reduce redundancy and enhance outcomes and performance. Read More

When you change yourself…

You Change the World! Read More

Moonshots Bring Exponential Improvement

…a huge problem, a re-imagined solution and innovative ideas that shift outcomes! Read More

Disruptive Innovation

…transformative impact that challenges the status quo to change the world! Read More



Register Now - First Come: First Served!

Innovation is a process—a journey of discovery. With 1,700 data points of guidance from 42 state "innovationists" from 12 state departments, along with the strategic advisory of more than 30 state leaders, has led us to the starting gate for a Beta-Test deployment of the SACNet Skills Bank 2021!

It's all those little steps that count—kudos to Cohort 2019 and the leadership guiding them. Achieving a milestone is a product of dedication and commitment—not luck. Over the past month the COVID-19 pandemic is again accelerating—not just in California but across the nation. Our need to access the State's depth of skill, capability, experience and resolve has never been more critical. The acceleration in Beta-testing has moved from onboarding individuals to onboarding departments - The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and the Department of Water Resources are the collaborative leads for this exciting effort!

The SACNet Skills Bank brings the potential to ENGAGE and unite the best of all of who we are in REAL-TIME. But the vehicle of change and the hybrid fuel of activation is YOU! Living up to and into Governor Newsom's proclamation is about the tough decisions to collectively bend the curve in a thoughtful and pragmatic way. The time is NOW to "Activate California!"

OPPORTUNITY #2: STATE OF CALIFORNIA LEADERSHIP SERIES - 5 FORUMS - 12.5 Professional Development Hours (PDHs) - It's FREE!

Register Now - First Come: First Served!

Cal-IPGCA Association welcomes State of California employees, statewide, to sign up for these five exciting forums. Although Zoom-based, seating is limited and will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. We recommend immediate registration. You must be a Cal-IPGCA Association Member to receive this benefit. If you are not yet a member, sign up now, it's FREE!

Join us for these "COVID Inspired" strategic advisory forums that can shift your perspectives, hone your teleworking path forward, offer up ideas and improvements, and trigger insights that create "aha moments" that feed your day-to-day well-being, personally and organizationally. The collective lineup is one of a kind! The panels are videotaped, but the Q & A that immediately follows is live!

Each image and all dates are live links.

Professional Development Hours*: What's more...Cal-IPGCA's "give back" to you is 12.5 professional development hours (PDHs) if you register and attend ALL five panels.

*Meets the State of California's biennial leadership training requirements. (GC 19995.4)

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