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We see Cal-IPGCA as an "Innovation Movement!" We think the opportunities we've experienced should be an exploration everyone can take. Membership in the Cal-IPGCA Association is open to all and the "cost of admission" is zero! But, there is a price of entry – this is a community where we motivate, inspire, ignite and promote human-centric government innovation that transcends all boundaries and departments within state service and on out to the communities served. So if you are an innovator, an entrepreneur, an intrepreneur, or a change agent seeking a place to call home, or if you simply aspire to live and create in this environment, joining as a member is the next step to take!

We're also inviting our private sector partners, universities and NGO's that share our mission: To model leadership that promotes creativity, innovation, and growth to transform government. Beyond that the constituent communities government serves are invited to join this accelerating movement.

Government is the conduit that reaches out to serve the world, so we see innovating government as a partnership that benefits us all. The Cal-IPGCA Association is the go-to environment and hub where innovation happens!

One of Cal-IPGCA's Advisors says it best: "The point of all of this is that when you become a leader in government or anywhere, and you begin to realize that the more people work together, that the more we leverage the ecosystem or get organic in terms of our approach of our solutions, and we use partners, we collect partners, we bring partners along, that we take a larger fabric or quilt work approach to our problems, the solutions become even quicker and even faster. There is something to the synergistic effect which is completely true, that when more and more human beings get together to do things, that the impossible suddenly becomes possible." - Martin Hoshino, Administrative Director, Judicial Council of California.

Here's but a few of the MEMBER BENEFITS Cal-IPGCA Association will launch in your life! JOIN OUR COMMUNITY NOW and start exploring!


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